Trademark ™

Trademark is an important tool that helps you to prevent others from using your name. Have a Trademark in itself doesn’t really do enough, as it’s only a right to use this as a sole owner, but if someone starts using it, they can. The good thing is that you can actually claim first right, prevent them from using it again and even make them clear away previous use. If need be, you can might have to go to court if the other party is reluctant, but you are in your right to do so and not getting your right doesn’t happen very often.

The problem with Trademarking is that it’s only for certain branches and certain geographic areas.

A TradeMark obtained only for France will help you get those same right in another country, but in itself doesn’t give you those right automatically.

Therefore we can help, you with your TradeMark issues at the various levels, both at branch level and it geographic (country) level.

Contact us and let us know what you concerns are so that we can give you the advice you will need to make a proper decision on what you need.

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