In the picture

How will your company, your product, your service or even you get in the picture.

We have developed many ways to make sure of that and to make sure it’s in a way that is generally accepted and proven to work. We’ll just give some examples, shall we?

How about things like digital scratch cards that work on your site, in facebook and on a mobile device.

You’ve heard of facebook advertising and you probably know that this is pretty expensive and targets many people on facebook at once, how about a way to just target those people in that specific group and therefore only paying the very cheapest rate possible.

Or what would you think of actually messaging your fans on facebook, but from within a messaging environment, including sending them to a specific URL afterwards!

We don’t believe in doing things that are not ok, often called black hat tactics, but we are very creative and at the forefront of technology if it comes to what we are allowed to do.

Let us help you tell those people that should know, how good you really are.

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